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Music: 15 Years Of Exotic - Chapter 1-5 - 21 Tracks and a Free Download


All Chapters of "15 Years of Exotic" are now available in one big bundle, exclusively on Bandcamp.

Pack includes a collection of 21 unmixed, full length tracks and remixes from Landhouse, Mojo Filter, Soble, Peve, Matija, Richard Elcox, VieL, AmuAmu, Dandara, estimua, Gabi Raiz, nohym, Shunus, Nyvs, Mario Bazouri, Micah the Violinist, Urban Flex, Gabieris, Alexx Em, Medusa Odyssey and Sergey Pushkin.

Last track on the compilation is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD - hear it HERE.  

Stream it from SoundCloud.


Everything Bundle

Everything Bundle

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