Loyalty Program

With our regular customers in mind, we have prepared a special loyalty program. After exceeding each threshold you receive a permanent discount code. Forever! :-)

The code is assigned to your account and only you can use it.

After exceeding the next thresholds your discount increases up to a maximum of 30%.

Spent 500 PLN - 10% permanent discount
Spent 1100 PLN - 15% permanent discount
Spent 1800 PLN - 20% permanent discount
Spent 2600 PLN - 25% permanent discount
Spent 3500 PLN - 30% permanent discount


*Codes are sent manually after crossing the threshold, so if you have not received information from us within a week of your last purchase, during which you crossed any of the thresholds, feel free to contact us at info[at]exoticmusicproduction[dot]com.

*The maximum possible discount may increase in the future after adding another threshold.